Show Me da' Money!

Jamberry Nails are PERFECT for those fundraisers that involve TEENAGERS!!  Well, of course they are actually perfect for ANYONE, but those teenagers will actually want to sell these to their friends and neighbors to support their band, cheerleading squad, dance team and more!

What a FUNtastic way to get those girls making money for themselves!  They can learn how involving themselves in something as important as earning money for something they want or want to do (like trips!) can pay off LITERALLY!

Of course, you can turn anything into a fundraiser!  You are basically earning MY commission off of your sales!  YES, I AM DONATING MY PERSONAL COMMISSION to your organization or cause to help make a difference in your organization or personal mission!  It's something I ENJOY doing to hopefully set an example of how to pay-it-forward, ya know?

Contact me ASAP to get your fundraising event started!  You can be paid CASH in as little as 10 days after closing your show!  ASK ME HOW NOW!  My contact info is in the sidebar!  THANKS in advance for considering Jamberry Nails as your next fundraising event!

xo Nicole xo